Victory Matsui

Victory Matsui

Editor | One World

Victory Matsui is an editor at One World, where they publish fiction and nonfiction, including works by Thi Bui, Anelise Chen, Mira Jacob, Riva Lehrer, Jordy Rosenberg, and Maurice Carlos Ruffin. Victory co-facilitates the People of Color Sangha at the Brooklyn Zen Center and is a founding member of Yellow Brown Power Hour, a radical Asian American performance group/hot pot club.

The New and the Mighty: How Editors from the Book World’s Newest Imprints Are Making Their Mark on the Industry

6221, 6th floor

When a publisher launches a new imprint, it’s like they opened a door that didn’t exist before. We book lovers had been walking up and down the bookstore aisles, browsing titles by familiar imprints, when all of a sudden, we’re through that door and surrounded by exciting new releases that have been curated and nurtured […]