Sarah LaPolla

Sarah LaPolla

Agent | Bradford Literary Agency

Sarah LaPolla joined Bradford Literary Agency as an agent in 2013 after working in the foreign rights department at Curtis Brown, Ltd., where she became an associate agent in 2010. Sarah received her MFA in creative writing from the New School in 2008, and she has a BA in creative writing from Ithaca College. Representing MG, YA, and adult fiction, Sarah is especially drawn to the following genres: contemporary/realistic fiction, sci-fi or speculative fiction, low fantasy, and literary horror. No matter the genre or market, Sarah’s authors tend to reflect larger themes in a character-driven story and offer a challenge to the status quo.

Writing for Tomorrow: How to Stay Relevant When Everything Moves So Fast

6214, 6th floor

Right now, information cycles faster than ever. There’s no way to predict what’ll be news tomorrow, or even in a few hours. This puts writers in a tricky position. How do you write for the times when they’re bound to change rapidly? Some books read like they were torn straight from today’s headlines, even though […]