Sadaf Omar

Sadaf Omar

New York City Mayor's Center for Faith & Community Partnerships | Board Member, Muslim Writers Collective, NYC Chapter

Sadaf Omar is a community coordinator at the New York City Mayor’s Center for Faith and Community Partnerships housed under the Community Affairs Unit. In addition to her community organizing role, she is also on the Board of Muslim Writers Collective, a grassroots national initiative dedicated to reclaiming the Muslim narrative through storytelling. They’ve been featured in Vice, the Guardian, Buzzfeed, the Daily Beast, and more. MWC has active chapters in seven cities across the country, and it has been credited with providing “a space for young Muslims to honor their humanity” by Vice. Sadaf is a community organizer, storyteller, and event planner who aims to create unity in extremely diverse and complex communities in New York City and infuse the places she goes with cultures of inclusion. During her free time she likes to write, perform, and travel all corners of the world.

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