Ryan Doherty

Ryan Doherty

Executive Editor | Celadon Books

Ryan Doherty is an executive editor at Celadon Books. Prior to joining Macmillan, he was the Vice President of literary development for Sony Pictures Entertainment, focusing on book to film and television development. Before that, Ryan was a senior editor at Ballantine Books, where he edited the Pulitzer Prize-winning Toms River by Dan Fagin, Jim Henson by Bryan Jay Jones, and the #1 New York Times bestselling graphic novel Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley. At Celadon, Ryan will acquire a range of books from elevated commercial fiction to big-think topics that inspire and create discussion, with narrative nonfiction being a key category. He is a graduate of Georgetown University and is an adjunct professor at New York University’s Center for Publishing

The New and the Mighty: How Editors from the Book World’s Newest Imprints Are Making Their Mark on the Industry

6221, 6th floor

When a publisher launches a new imprint, it’s like they opened a door that didn’t exist before. We book lovers had been walking up and down the bookstore aisles, browsing titles by familiar imprints, when all of a sudden, we’re through that door and surrounded by exciting new releases that have been curated and nurtured […]