Michelle Forde

Michelle Forde

Marketing & Publicity Coordinator | Diversion Books

Michelle Forde has been in the book publishing industry for over seven years, where she has marketed budding authors as well as supported major players. She has worked with Lisa Jackson, Alyssa Cole, Lynn Cahoon, Rebecca Zanetti, and more on both publicity and marketing. She helped launch Kensington’s Lyrical Press print line, which debuted authors veteran to Lyrical’s digital program, but new to print. She is a member of POCs in Publishing and a writer in her own right.

Damn You, Social Media–We Love You, We Hate You, We Don’t Know What to Do With You: How Writers Can Leverage Social Media in Their Careers (or Not)

6214, 6th floor

It can be difficult to keep up with social media. There’s so much going on. But it’s also a world full of possibility, particularly if you are a writer. It’s a place where you can connect with fellow writers, bookworms, and publishing professionals. Freelance opportunities, advice on craft, and long-lasting literary friendships are all within a […]