Lexi Wangler

Agent | Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents

Lexi Wangler is a junior agent and foreign rights associate at Massie & McQuilkin Literary Agents. She holds a dual MFA in fiction and writing for children from the New School, and she previously worked with Irene Skolnick Literary Agency and interned at PEN American Center. She is looking for books that focus on complex, three-dimensional characters, especially women and non-binary people. She is passionate about representation across the race, class, gender, and sexuality spectrum and uplifting voices that historically have had less of an opportunity to resonate. Subverting genre boundaries and strong, distinct voices are appealing to her, as are books that reflect truth back to the reader. Her MFA background is proof of her strong dedication to exemplary writing, and she prizes a clear narrative above all else. She is primarily looking for literary fiction, upmarket commercial fiction, cultural criticism, narrative nonfiction, essay collections, memoir, and young adult fiction.

How to Work in Publishing and Advance Your Writing Career (Spoiler: You Don’t Have to Become an Editor)

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

Most agents will tell you, “Don’t quit your day job.” Even if you’re successful, chances are that writing won’t pay (all of) the bills. So what’s a writer to do? Consider a job in publishing. Whether it’s working as a publicist at a major house or as an ambassador for a literary nonprofit, there are […]