Lauren LeBlanc

Lauren LeBlanc

Senior Editor | Guernica

Lauren LeBlanc, an independent book editor and critic based in Brooklyn, is also a senior editor at Guernica. A native New Orleanian, she has worked in editorial at Alfred A. Knopf and Atlas & Co. She has published in BOMB, Nylon, Lenny Letter, and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, among others.

Round Table Talk | Break Out of Your Writing Slump: How We Clear the Cobwebs and Get Back to Being Happy About Our Work

6th Floor Lounge

Every writer has dry spells. Sometimes they’re unexplainable; we just can’t clear our minds when we sit down to write. Other times they’re entirely practical—a stressful job, a new baby, or a big move upends life and the writing disappears. The good news: writing slumps do end. We find ways to clear the cobwebs. We […]