Kent D. Wolf

Kent D. Wolf

Agent | The Friedrich Agency

Kent D. Wolf spent eight years selling subsidiary rights for Harcourt Trade Publishers and then launched his career as an agent in 2008 with an eye for bold, diverse voices. He joined The Friedrich Agency in early 2016, where he continues to pursue boundary-pushing fiction. But he would never turn away a more commercially-inclined project as long as the writing shines. He has a particular weakness for literary novels that incorporate genre elements—fantasy, sci-fi, horror—is a sucker for haunting, moody stories featuring other cultures and foreign locales, loves to be unsettled by out-of-the box thrillers like J. Robert Lennon’s Broken River or Scott Smith’s The Ruins, and wildly appreciates edgy, voice-driven coming-of-age tales. He appreciates a good laugh, too! Kent’s dreams for nonfiction remain ambitious: serious, immersive journalism with a strong sense of place and story, compelling memoirs, behind-the-scenes looks at fascinating subcultures, killer essay collections. He also has a not-so-secret affinity for pop culture, thanks to his voracious appetite for music, television, comic books, and movies.

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