Jacqueline Ko

Jacqueline Ko

Agent | The Wylie Agency

Jacqueline Ko is a literary agent at The Wylie Agency, where she has worked since 2007 representing literary fiction as well as history, journalism, cultural criticism, science, humor, poetry, narrative nonfiction, and graphic/illustrated work. She holds a BA in English from Yale. The Wylie Agency has operated for over thirty-five years out of offices in New York and London: wylieagency.com.

What’s the Big Deal?: Advances, Auctions, Contracts and More–Everything You Need to Know about Book Deals

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Writers spend so much time working toward a book deal that when the opportunity finally presents itself, they often forget (or perhaps, caught up in the excitement, would rather ignore) the fact that there is room to negotiate. If you have a great literary agent, he or she will remind you to take a deep […]