Iris Martin Cohen

Iris Martin Cohen

Author | The Little Clan

Iris Martin Cohen holds an MFA from Columbia University and a certificate in Creative Nonfiction from the Graduate Center, CUNY. Her work has appeared in Lit hub, Crime Reads, the New York Sun, The Austin Chronicle and Habitus Magazine. Her first novel, The Little Clan, was published in April 2018.

Round Table Talk | Break Out of Your Writing Slump: How We Clear the Cobwebs and Get Back to Being Happy About Our Work

6th Floor Lounge

Every writer has dry spells. Sometimes they’re unexplainable; we just can’t clear our minds when we sit down to write. Other times they’re entirely practical—a stressful job, a new baby, or a big move upends life and the writing disappears. The good news: writing slumps do end. We find ways to clear the cobwebs. We […]