Harold Schechter

Harold Schechter

Author | Hell's Princess

Harold Schechter is an American true-crime writer who specializes in serial killers. Twice nominated for the Edgar Award, he is the author of the nonfiction books Fatal, Fiend, Bestial, Deviant, Deranged, Depraved, The Serial Killer Files, The Mad Sculptor, and Man-Eater. Schechter attended the State University of New York in Buffalo, where he earned his PhD under the direction of Leslie Fiedler. He is a professor of American literature and popular culture at Queens College of the City University of New York. Schechter is married to poet Kimiko Hahn and has two daughters, writer Lauren Oliver and professor of philosophy Elizabeth Schechter.

Mentors, Muses, and Menaces: How Writers Who Came Before Us Shape Our Work Today

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

There’s no escaping the writers who came before us. They’re the voices we read growing up. They inspired us to write. But these muses aren’t always benevolent guides. They are complicated. They inspire and embolden. They antagonize and belittle. And sometimes they do both. Discover how these writers engage with and resist their greatest literary […]