Harmony Holiday

Harmony Holiday

Poet | Hollywood Forever

Harmony Holiday is the author of Negro League Baseball, Go Find Your Father/ A Famous Blues and most recently Hollywood Forever.She is also the founder of Mythscience, an arts collective devoted to cross-disciplinary work that helps artists re-engage with their bodies and the physical world in this so-called digital age, and the Afrosonics archive of jazz and everyday diaspora poetics. She worked on the SOS, the selected poems of Amiri Baraka, transcribing all of his poetry recorded with jazz that had yet to be released in print and exists mostly on out of print records. Harmony studied rhetoric and at UC Berkeley and taught for the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. She received her MFA from Columbia University and has received the Motherwell Prize from FenceBooks and a Ruth Lilly Fellowship. She is currently working on a book of poems and lyric essays on Reparations and the body, and a biography of jazz singer Abbey Lincoln. She lives in New York and Los Angeles.

Art and Commerce

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

Manjula Martin leads a discussion inspired by her recent anthology, Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living. Art and commerce are often pitted against one another, but the reality is much more complicated. Writers need to make money to live, yet they are often asked to sacrifice payment for their work, particularly […]