Cherise Fisher

Cherise Fisher

Agent | Wendy Sherman Associates

Cherise Fisher spent a twenty-five year career as an acquiring editor at Simon & Schuster and as the editor-in-chief of Plume, a Penguin Random House imprint, where she has edited and published several national bestsellers and award-winning authors, including George Lopez, Nelson George, Rachel Hall, Tony Parsons, and Sadeqa Johnson. As an agent, Cherise is interested in working with novelists who have several compulsively readable yarns in their head and are committed to perfecting their craft as storytellers. She will advocate for memoirs that uncover the diversity of human experience, and she will take on nonfiction writers who are experts on a variety of topics such as personal development, health and sexuality, racial identity, Christianity and spirituality, diet and fitness, African American history, and pop culture. Her intention is that all the books she helps bring into the world are relevant, enduring, and help readers maximize joy and productivity in their lives.

Should We Really Say Art VERSUS Commerce?: How an Agent Will Help You Navigate the Business of Publishing, without Sacrificing Your Art

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It is important for writers to be paid. That exchange signals that art is valued. Ideally, art should be fueled by commerce. Arguably, no one believes this more wholeheartedly than literary agents. Their job is to generate that fuel. They push for writers to be paid as much as possible for their work, and their […]