Ayesha Pande

Ayesha Pande

Agent | Pande Literary

Ayesha Pande has worked in the publishing industry for over twenty years. Before launching her boutique agency, Ayesha was a senior editor at Farrar, Straus & Giroux. She has also held editorial positions at HarperCollins and Crown Publishers. She is a member of AAR (Association of Author’s Representatives), PEN, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, and the Women’s Media Group. She holds a master’s degree from Columbia University. She represents National Book Award winner Ibram X. Kendi, international bestselling author Shilpi Somaya Gowda, PEN/Bingham Prize winner Danielle Evans, and PEN/Bellwether Prize winner Lisa Ko. Her interests are wide-ranging and include literary as well as popular fiction, young adult, women’s, African-American, and international fiction. She is also seeking authors of nonfiction, including biography, history, economics, popular culture, cultural commentary, memoir, and graphic novels. She is particularly drawn to distinctive, original, and underrepresented voices.

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