Annie Hwang

Annie Hwang

Agent | Folio Literary Management

Annie Hwang is a literary agent at Folio Literary Management, where she represents a range of adult fiction and select nonfiction. She is actively building her list and gravitates toward literary fiction featuring diverse characters and authentic voices; rich historical fiction where the setting takes on a life of its own; literary thrillers with dark psychological grit; and nuanced speculative/science-fiction that questions what it means to be human in the age of technology. Underrepresented voices occupy a special place in her heart, and she is particularly drawn to braided narratives, complex characters, and layered plots. A California transplant and former journalist, Annie is constantly on the hunt for gifted storytelling that stretches its genre to new heights.

Navigating the Agent/Author Relationship: Understand What You Can Expect from Your Agent, What You Shouldn’t Feel Awkward Asking, and How Involved You Should Be in the Submissions Process

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

If the writer’s life were a video game, then securing an agent would mean leaping from one level to the next. After all that work, dodging rejection and firing out queries, you’ve made it! Level complete. But what next? Learn how to build a productive relationship with your literary agent and how to evaluate that […]