Writing Outside Your Experience: Listening, Learning, and Working to Get It Right

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

“All fiction writers, regardless of our cultural backgrounds, must acknowledge the privileges and responsibilities that come with the job,” notes Kirsten Chen in “Am I Chinese Enough to Tell This Story?” (LitHub.com). It is important to question why and how we are telling stories, particularly when they lie outside our experience. A group of fiction writers discusses how they grapple with questions of identity, appropriation, and inclusion in the literary world, the importance of initiatives like #OwnVoices, and how we can make sure we’re doing our jobs well.

Panelists: Lisa Ko, Author, The Leavers; Shobha Rao, Author, Girls Burn Brighter; Ivelisse Rodriguez, Author, Love War Stories; Nelly Rosario, Author, Song of the Water Saints

Moderator: Libby Flores, Director of Audience Engagement and Digital Project, BOMB magazine; NYC Director, the Freya Project