Who Teaches Editors to Edit?: The Secrets Behind Top Editors’ and Agents’ Esteemed Skills and How You Can Apply Their Strategies to Your Own Work

6221, 6th floor

Editing isn’t a skill learned in the classroom. Most editors and agents figure out how to edit on the job, under the guidance of supervisors and colleagues. What’s covered in an edit letter, and how is it different from a workshop critique? Do you have to follow every editorial suggestion? How do editors and agents know when they’re done editing? Learn all about the editorial process and how it varies from one professional to the next.

Panelists: Quynh Do, Editor, W. W. Norton & Company; Paul Lucas, Agent, Janklow & Nesbit; Leah Miller, Senior Editor, Grand Central Life & Style; Megha Majumdar, Associate Editor, Catapult; Laura Van der Veer, Editor, Little A, Amazon Publishing

Moderator: Porscha Burke, Publishing Manager & Associate Editor, Random House