It’s Not Just Sex: Developing Intimate Relationships on the Page

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

There’s nothing simple about intimacy. It’s complex and nuanced. It isn’t surprising that writers often struggle to capture close relationships on the page. But, as these panelists know, it’s worth sticking with it. Intimacy can transform a scene, so that every gesture, glance, or line of dialogue is charged with excitement, yearning, or doubt. And it isn’t always about sex. There’s a certain closeness between best friends that doesn’t always exist between lovers. A parent and a child hold so much history between them that the simplest remark can spark a fight. There’s also intimacy between people we might not expect, like two colleagues who barely say a word to one another or even a couple of strangers, walking side by side on the street. Discover how these panelists have used intimacy to tell powerful stories.

Panelists: Jessie Chaffee, Author, Florence in Ecstasy; Tanya Marquardt, Author, Stray; Wayétu Moore, Author, She Would Be King, Founder, One Moore Book; Sigrid Nunez, Author, The Friend; Jordy Rosenberg, Author, Confessions of the Fox

Moderator: Alison C. Wellford, Author, Indolence, Internal Director, Pan-European MFA