Finding Your Perfect Agent Match: How to Know What They’re Looking for Right Now

Maroney Theater, 7th floor

A quick internet search will let you know which agents are looking for fiction or nonfiction. But agents, like readers, are nuanced. So how do you know which agents care most about plot? Or want the next great genre-bending novel? Or are seeking a memoir about adventure at sea? Certainly, you can look at an agent’s list to get an idea of their taste. But there’s a lot more you can do to tailor your search. Learn how agents get the word out about what they’re looking for (and not looking for) and improve your odds of success.

Panelists: Connor Goldsmith, Agent, Fuse Literary; Erin Harris, Agent, Folio Literary Management; Ayesha Pande, Agent, Pande Literary;  Quressa Robinson, Agent, Nelson Literary Agency; Kent D. Wolf, Agent, The Friedrich Agency

Moderator: Laura Esther Wolfson, Author, For Single Mothers Working as Train Conductors