Poetry and Process: From Idea to Finished Poem

6221, 6th floor

In an interview for NPR, former US poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera describes inspiration as a “great rush of excitement.” “It’s like you’re going to a dance and […] you can’t wait to get on the floor,” he says. When we arrive at a poem as readers, we see it in its polished form. Rarely do we have the opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see that dance, the creative process, unfold. A group of poets discusses the art of writing poetry, from inspiration to final draft.

Panelists: Andrés Cerpa, Author, Bicycle in a Ransacked City: An Elegy; Kyle Dacuyan, Poet, Executive Director, The Poetry Project; Camonghne Felix, Poet, Build Yourself a Boat; Marwa Helal, Author, Invasive Species; Ricardo Maldonado, Poet, Translator, Managing Director, 92Y’s Unterberg Poetry Center