About the Slice Literary Writers' Conference

September 10 + 11, 2016 | St. Francis College | Brooklyn, NY

Slice’s sixth annual writers’ conference will draw more than 130+ agents, authors, editors, and publishing pros. Our panels and workshops will cover topics from the craft of writing (plotting, dialogue, characterization, poetry, and more) to the business of writing (pitch letters, landing a book deal, and beyond). Top editors, agents, and authors will discuss crucial steps to help launch a writer’s career. But a book deal is just the beginning of a writer’s professional journey. We invite leading professionals to offer trade secrets about how they transform a great story into a bestselling book (and what writers can do to help them get there). Click here for a full list of panelists and click here for a round-up of the conference schedule.


The Slice Literary Writers’ Conference is hosted by Slice Literary, Inc., a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization and the publishers of Slice literary magazine. Visit slicemagazine.org for more information.

Questions about the conference can be sent to info@slicemagazine.org.

Slice Literary, Inc. * PO Box 659 * Village Station * New York, NY 10014